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The Warkentin Family Portraits: Washington Park

One of our brides and friends, Hanako, indirectly introduced us to the Warkentin family last year. They don’t know each other personally but both share a passion for the same cause through the Nathan Yip Foundation. Hanako brought this wonderful foundation to our attention a couple years back and it was through the foundation that we got connected with the Warkentin Family. I’d encourage you to head to their website to see what great things have been done following the tragedy that led to it’s beginning. Their son, Michael was best friends with Nathan so obviously it’s a cause they feel very passionate about. We originally planned on taking these photos last summer. However, it seemed nothing would go right every time we tried to schedule the session. Either we were booked, schedules conflicted or the snow decided to ruin our plans. So, rather than fight with the weather in the fall/winter we just decided to postpone until a better time this year. This time around it all worked out great and we had perfect weather to top it off! We were excited to finally meet the family after all that time and they were awesome. The whole family was so much fun to work with and we had a great time. We met them in Denver at Washington Park for the session and they even brought their two canine family members along for some of the pictures 🙂 Thank you guys so much and hope to work with you again someday!

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