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Romero Family: Washington Park Family Photos

Our session with the Romero family started out a little rocky back in September. What was supposed to be a nice day ended with an unexpected downpour mid session. We managed to get a few photos before the weather turned on us including some cute pictures of their daughter Grace making funny faces at the camera in the rain 🙂 But our second time around turned out to be perfect! We had beautiful weather and since a few weeks had passed the leaves had changed quite a bit for a backdrop of fall colors. They have a beautiful little family and we had such a good time with them- we are so glad Tamia gave them our name! Grace is such a cutie and her expressions were so funny of her watching and trying to follow the geese at Washington Park. Here’s some of our favorites.

Robyn + Chuck: Engagement + Family Session at Wash Park

Our second session in September also brought us back to Wash Park for Robyn & Chuck’s engagement and family session. We met Robyn at Heather & Don’s wedding back in May and are so glad we had the opportunity to work with her, Chuck and their girl’s as well. Since Robyn’s daughter, Jade, and Chuck’s daughter, Christina, would be part of the wedding it only made sense to include them in the engagement photos for a combo engagement/family session. Robyn’s friend Diane (who we also met at Heather & Don’s wedding) also joined us during the session with her cute little puppy. We knew that they were going to be a really fun group to work with- after all they were friends of Heather & Don, and sure enough they were just as much fun as we thought they would be. We had a great time photographing them that afternoon! Even got a fun “cheesy” family photo at the end- dogpile! Here’s just a few of my favorites from the day. Check back for their wedding photos sometime this next week.

The Anderson Family: Washington Park Family Session

Where the heck has this month gone? Seems like it just began and now we’re almost in October! We have so much to blog about from this past month and this one goes all the way back to the beginning of September. We met the Anderson family at Wash park for their family session several weeks back. We’ve photographed at the park several times but this was only the second time doing so with young children. And we learned a very important lesson- don’t let them see the playground BEFORE the pictures or they’ll just want to play. Really can you blame them? Hmm smiling and sitting still for someone you don’t know or playing…. I’d probably want to go play too 🙂 So after a couple attempts of getting the family together for a few pics of everyone smiling we let the girls off the hook to go play and figured we could get a few of them having fun on the playground in the process. After a little while we were then able to get everyone together for a few pictures before they were ready to get back to the playground again. Even snuck a few of the girls smiling. Here’s just a few pics from our day. 

The Warkentin Family Portraits: Washington Park

One of our brides and friends, Hanako, indirectly introduced us to the Warkentin family last year. They don’t know each other personally but both share a passion for the same cause through the Nathan Yip Foundation. Hanako brought this wonderful foundation to our attention a couple years back and it was through the foundation that we got connected with the Warkentin Family. I’d encourage you to head to their website to see what great things have been done following the tragedy that led to it’s beginning. Their son, Michael was best friends with Nathan so obviously it’s a cause they feel very passionate about. We originally planned on taking these photos last summer. However, it seemed nothing would go right every time we tried to schedule the session. Either we were booked, schedules conflicted or the snow decided to ruin our plans. So, rather than fight with the weather in the fall/winter we just decided to postpone until a better time this year. This time around it all worked out great and we had perfect weather to top it off! We were excited to finally meet the family after all that time and they were awesome. The whole family was so much fun to work with and we had a great time. We met them in Denver at Washington Park for the session and they even brought their two canine family members along for some of the pictures 🙂 Thank you guys so much and hope to work with you again someday!

Family Pictures at Washington Park, Denver: The Mooney Family Portraits

This time of year I get so busy behind the camera taking photos and behind the computer editing that unfortunately my blog takes a bit of a backseat. I have so many photos I’m dying to share from the month of July so make sure to check back often in the next couple weeks for lots of pictures!

This session goes back all the way to the first weekend in July. We had a great time photographing some family pictures for our friends the Mooney Family. We’ve known these guys for several years back before David & Beverly were married (they were actually one of the first weddings we photographed back in 2006 when I was still shooting film). I’ve worked with David at Lockheed Martin since 2005 and it’s amazing how the years have flown by! About two years ago we took some family pictures for them when they just had Ethan so after Makayla was born it was time to update their family picture. She’s now at a good age where she can smile, sit on her own and go on the swings. The kids both did very well during our session and Ethan was definitely excited to go play on the playground as soon as we were done with all the “formal” pictures. We had such a great time taking these pictures and are so glad to have these guys as friends. Michelle and I were very honored when they asked us to be Makayla’s sponsors (similar to Godparents) back when she was baptized a few months back. Here’s a sneak peek from our day out at Washington Park.  I just had to share this one with Ethan and his camera. I wish I had started out that young…. looks like the new generation of competition is getting an early start!