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Senior Portraits with Jade in Downtown Littleton

It’s been a while since we posted to our blog. We have so many new things going on for the next year and can’t wait to share all the projects we are working on. Before we wrap up for the year though we have a couple of things I’ve been wanting to share for some time so here goes. Back in October we met up with Jade and Robyn for Jade’s “senior” portraits in Downtown Littleton. Jade is technically a junior but will be graduating early and needed some pics to choose from for her yearbook. We’d had the opportunity to work with Jade during the family sessions and wedding for Robyn and Chuck (Jade is Robyn’s daughter) so it was a lot of fun to shoot this session. Here’s just a few of the pictures we took that afternoon.

Katie + Felix Engagement Session at Mount Falcon: Denver Engagement Photography

There are so many beautiful mountain type settings in Colorado to photograph so when Katie asked me what my favorite location was it was a bit difficult to narrow it down. However, one location that definitely stuck in my mind was Mount Falcon after photographing there with Traci & Jeff just a month prior. We decided that would be the place to go and I’m so glad we did! The sunset that night was just beautiful and we couldn’t have been in a more perfect location to capture it! Katie & Felix are such a blast to be around! In fact, this was probably one of my longest engagement sessions we’ve ever done. I could have shot all night if Michelle didn’t stop me. Katie was so excited for the session that it was impossible to not catch her smiling at Felix the entire time. We actually hiked for a little over 2 miles that night for their session- yep a 2 mile hike on an engagement session. And they didn’t complain one bit! The funny thing is that I don’t think we even realized how far it was until we were most of the way back and the sun was starting to set. We got some amazing pictures of these two and we can’t wait for their wedding next summer to take more! 

Family Pictures at Washington Park, Denver: The Mooney Family Portraits

This time of year I get so busy behind the camera taking photos and behind the computer editing that unfortunately my blog takes a bit of a backseat. I have so many photos I’m dying to share from the month of July so make sure to check back often in the next couple weeks for lots of pictures!

This session goes back all the way to the first weekend in July. We had a great time photographing some family pictures for our friends the Mooney Family. We’ve known these guys for several years back before David & Beverly were married (they were actually one of the first weddings we photographed back in 2006 when I was still shooting film). I’ve worked with David at Lockheed Martin since 2005 and it’s amazing how the years have flown by! About two years ago we took some family pictures for them when they just had Ethan so after Makayla was born it was time to update their family picture. She’s now at a good age where she can smile, sit on her own and go on the swings. The kids both did very well during our session and Ethan was definitely excited to go play on the playground as soon as we were done with all the “formal” pictures. We had such a great time taking these pictures and are so glad to have these guys as friends. Michelle and I were very honored when they asked us to be Makayla’s sponsors (similar to Godparents) back when she was baptized a few months back. Here’s a sneak peek from our day out at Washington Park.  I just had to share this one with Ethan and his camera. I wish I had started out that young…. looks like the new generation of competition is getting an early start!

Traci + Jeff: Mt Falcon Engagement Session

The day after Stacey & Tim’s engagements in Golden we headed up to Evergreen for another new location with Traci & Jeff. Traci & Jeff had suggested Mt Falcon Park for their engagement session as they had been there before and really loved it.  After seeing a few images online we knew it was going to be a beautiful location for pictures. And, after being there I think we’ve found one of our new favorite locations and we’ll definitely have to make the drive up there for a nice walk just for fun every now and then. That afternoon we walked to a few really cool locations including an area that had been burned some twenty years back and is scattered with fallen trees. We then hiked up just a little ways to a view that was well worth the little walk to get there. We had a wonderful time with Traci & Jeff- they are such a nice couple! We’re very grateful to Christina & Ryan for sending them our way. We got so many great pictures with these two but here’s just a few from our day so check ’em out!

Sara + The Family: Family Portraits at Red Rocks

They say word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising. A bad experience can hurt a business and a good one can help it grow. For the most part since photographing our first wedding back in 2005 we’ve relied only on referrals from past clients to keep our business rolling. It’s something very important to us and when people spread our name to friends and family we are so beyond appreciative. Sara is one of those awesome people & we have a lot to be grateful to her for. Sara has been a bridesmaid in a few weddings. Actually a few isn’t the word- have you ever seen the movie 27 Dresses? Well, that’s kind of Sara. And, if you ever meet her you’ll know why- she’s such an awesome person that who wouldn’t want her as a bridesmaid? Hopefully one day we’ll get to photograph her wedding… on the beach in Hawaii:-) Until then, family pictures! We were really excited when she contacted us to take family pictures for them. Everyone was going to be in town over Mother’s Day so it was the perfect time to take them. Just like Sara the rest of the family was just as awesome. We had a great time with them up at Red Rocks. I love this time of year while things are still nice and green before the heat sets in. Here’s just a few of my favorites from the day- enjoy! And of course, can’t forget the cell phone shot- we have about 5 of these now.

Baby Mackenna: Newborn Portraits

It’s amazing how God brings people into your life. Who would have thought that when Michelle purchased my guitar 2 Christmas’s ago at a little shop in Parker (Allegro is awesome by the way) that the guy who helped her pick out my guitar would be married to the girl whose profile we just happened to come across on a local photography group’s site and meet just a few weeks later? And, now a year and a half has passed and they have a new addition to complete their family. Stephanie & Ted are two of the nicest people you will ever meet and we are so happy for the two of them! On April 5th, little Mackenna was born and we had the pleasure of taking some newborn photos for them when she was just a few weeks old. She is adorable… and all that hair!! It was our first time photographing a newborn session so we did a little research beforehand to make sure it was a comfortable environment for little Mackenna- they fed her shortly before, the room was nice and warm, and there was rock music playing in the background… huh? Okay well maybe most babies like soft lullabies but this little girl prefers rock instead, it was the funniest thing. Anyway, the session went well and we had a great time with the three of them. I even got to use my new lights since the clouds decided to hide the sunshine that afternoon. Here’s some of the pics we took. We wish Stephanie & Ted the best- God Bless!

Heather + Don: Engagements + Family Session in Castlewood Canyon

Green trees, grass, and flowers- sounds like the perfect setting for pictures huh? What about trees in the winter, brown grass, and dead leaves? No? Well, I’d have to disagree:-) After 4 years of spending countless hours behind the lens I now see beauty in all four seasons Colorado has to offer. In fact, I think some locations actually have more to offer in seasons outside of the summer. One of those locations happens to be Castlewood Canyon. It just has a little something extra this time of year- color! Brown, yellow, orange, and yes even a little bit of green. So, when Heather & Don decided to take their engagements and family pictures out at Castlewood Canyon I thought it was perfect. The day was a little different than our typical engagement session. Since both Heather & Don have children that will be part of their new life together it only made sense for them to want to include the family. So, we went ahead and just scheduled a separate family session for the same day. This way they could still have some photos of just the two of them and some of the family as well. I have to say, and I’m sure Michelle will agree, that this was probably one of the easiest family sessions I’ve ever photographed. Sometimes it can be difficult to work with a lot of people but not these guys- everyone was so easy to work with! We had a great time not only with the family but also with the time we spent with just Heather & Don. In fact, I walked away with some of my new favorite pictures of all time- the ones with the sunflare will definitely be in my permanent portfolio! We are very excited for their wedding next month at the Manor House– check back for those pics after the wedding in May.