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Taylor: Senior Portraits at Lair O’ The Bear

Last weekend we met up with Taylor at Lair O’ the Bear in Idledale for her senior portrait session. Fall is my favorite time to photograph with the changing colors of the leaves and we couldn’t have picked a better location (and maybe a better weekend- crossing our fingers this cold wet weekend coming up won’t put an end to the fall colors). Taylor was so easy to photograph. A self-described “off child”, Taylor has tons of personality and was a blast to hang out with that afternoon. She loves water and flowers and having been to Lair O’ the Bear on numerous occasions riding my mountain bike I knew it would be the perfect location for her. This time of year there aren’t a lot of flowers around but we found a few wildflowers in the fields and with the river running along the park we had so many gorgeous backdrops to choose from we could have been there all day photographing. Since it is fall and since Taylor seemed up for having fun we figured what’s better than tossing leaves? I don’t care if you’re five or seventy five, playing in the falling leaves can make anyone smile and I love the photos we got of her especially her expression when they landed right on her head. Here’s just a sneak peek into our afternoon with some of my favorites from the day- enjoy!

Ryan Senior Portraits at Mt Falcon

Have I said how much I LOVE taking senior pictures? Especially when it’s for a friend’s son and at an awesome location like Mt Falcon. Earlier in the year we photographed Trey’s senior pictures downtown and this time around we got to take photos for his brother Ryan. Ryan was a ton of fun to work with! He wanted something a little different than his brother and really liked the “outdoor” nature-type look rather than the urban setting so Mt Falcon was a perfect choice. When we headed up the hill to meet them we had no idea if the weather was going to hold or pour on us. Fortunately we had plenty of time to get lots of great photos in right before the rain started and the clouds made for some awesome pics in the background. Ryan’s short hair for the photos was very recent- to the day in fact. A little misunderstanding at the hair salon left him with a mohawk that just wasn’t going to cut it for pictures so the day of the session he had to cut it all off- it looked great though and you’d never know! Ryan started a new school this year for his senior year and we hope he has a great final high school year (of course awesome photos definitely makes it easy to start the year out right- right?? haha). Here’s some of our favorites!

Trey: Denver Senior Pictures

The last time we saw Trey he was probably around 13 years old- hard to imagine he’s graduating high school now! I’ve worked with his dad for many years and actually photographed their wedding back in 2006- wow that was a loooooong time ago!! Downtown Denver is always a great location for senior portraits- so much variety with textures and colors with all the brick and cool architecture with the buildings. I always love shooting in alleys and while walking down one of the alleyways we walked by a delivery truck and just had to snap a quick pic of Trey in the back. I’m sure the delivery guys thought we were nuts! We had a great time shooting that afternoon with Trey and have way too many awesome shots to choose from. Senior pictures are probably one of my favorite things to photograph- so relaxed and just fun. If you need senior pics for the class of 2012 contact us to set up a session. 

Senior Rock Star Tour: June 2010 Tour Sneak Peek

If you followed us last year you might remember the Senior Rock Star Tour we took part in with 4 other area photographers (Erin, Ross, Dawn, and Allison). Well, we had the opportunity to take part in this fun event again this year. This time we had some new locations added to the mix and of course a whole new group of seniors. We originally planned on shooting at 5 locations but unfortunately a pesticide spill on the freeway (who would have thought of all days) put us a little behind on time so we ended up only going to 4 locations but it turned out great regardless. We started up at Erin’s studio in Evergreen, got to shoot at the exclusive Dunafon Castle, headed to the Colorado Railroad Museum, downtown Denver, and then lastly to the Lakewood Heritage Center. It was a very hot day but we had a lot of fun with the seniors! We have one more tour planned for later this month on Tuesday July 27th and still have a couple spots left so make sure to head on over to the website at www.seniorrockstar.com to sign up and reserve your spot today! Here’s a favorite shot from each one of the seniors from last months tour.

Senior Rock Star Tour 2010: Denver Senior High School Photography Like No Other

We’re baaaaaackkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep that’s right it’s that time a year again- time for senior portraits in Denver and who better than with the Senior Rock Star Tour? Last year we had such an amazing time with our two groups of high school seniors that we’ve decided to run the tour again this year. So, if you or someone you know will be a senior with the class of 2011 make sure to check out our website at www.seniorrockstar.com to see all the details on this senior portrait experience unlike anything else in Denver, Colorado, the United States, or the WORLD!!! Why sit in a boring studio or work with one photographer when you can get pictures from 5 different studios and several locations all around the Denver area for a price comparable to what you’d get with the alternative? And, to be able to spend the day with friends and make new ones along the way… well that’s just a bonus. There are just 15 spots available for each date and they are starting to fill up so head on over to the website to sign up today. And of course because no post is complete without pictures here’s some of my favorite pics from last years seniors.