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Engagements at Lair O’ the Bear: Sarah + Luke

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of June! And if this past week is any indication of the weather to come it looks like it’s going to be a very hot summer. Last weekend we were fortunate to have a little break from the heat for Sarah & Luke’s engagement session up at Lair O’ the Bear in Idledale. This location is one of my new favorite spots and it was the first time we’ve gotten to photograph there this time of the year. We met Luke back in 2009 in Jamaica when we photographed his brother’s wedding (Alyssa & Matt). He’s such a nice guy and we had a great time getting to know him over the few days we spent in Jamaica with their family so when we heard from him last year that he was engaged we already knew we’d like Sarah and really enjoy getting to work with both of them. So of course we had a blast photographing their engagement session! We met up with them during my favorite time of day- a few hours before sunset. The light is just gorgeous this time of day and it was perfect for our session with the two of them. I always like to have a little fun if people are up to it and since I just can’t resist dandelions we had to take a few pics with these giant ones found in the field. These are some of my favorite images from the day- can’t wait for their wedding this August!

The Fox Family: Daniels Park Family Portraits

Earlier in the year you may recall we photographed Matt & Kristie while she was pregnant for a couple’s maternity session. Well, their little man entered the world about 6 months ago now and this time we had the chance to photograph the three of them- Matt, Kristie and baby Ethan. He’s adorable!!! We’ve know this awesome couple for a few years now after photographing their wedding and their not just clients but friends. They recently started a fellowship prayer group that we were able to join and are so glad to have them in our lives! Anyway, the first week of November on the first day of the time change we met up at Daniels Park for pictures. I always forget just how fast the sun sets this time of year and especially that first day when we lose an hour of light in the evening. We actually got some pretty awesome backlit images as the sun was going down but it soon got really cold so we cut the session short and headed back to the house for just a few photos of Ethan while we had a little bit of daylight left. We’ll be taking a few more pics since our session got cut short but I loved these ones we got that day. Everyone was troopers with that cold air coming in especially Kristie in a dress! (Michelle was freezing even with gloves and a jacket). Here’s some of my favorites- stay tuned for the rest!

Denver Magazine Photographer: Red Rocks Family Pictures

The June Cover story for Her Life Magazine featured Anne Dunn- a mother of 4 who struggled with infertility (something we know all too well about) and was blessed with triplets after finally getting pregnant and a little over a year later added one more to their family. Photographing three 6 year olds and one 5 year old at first sounded pretty challenging but definitely not this family! We had such a great time with all of them and couldn’t believe how well behaved and easy going the 4 kids were. Since the story focused on family we figured why not photograph the session as we would a regular family session. We met up at Red Rocks for the photoshoot and spent the afternoon near my favorite location- the Trading Post. Anne is actually Janell’s sister-in-law (our trendsetter model from the May issue featured in the post below). We had a great time working with Anne’s wonderful family. Thanks guys for a great afternoon!

Models: Anne & Todd Dunn (children- Emme, Creig, Cooper & Caleb)

Location: Red Rocks

Wessler Family at Wash Park

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time this family is probably going to look a bit familiar. We’ve known the Wessler family for several years now and have photographed all three children’s weddings starting with Erin + John’s back in 2006, Stephanie + David’s back in 2007 and then Kari + Sterling’s back in 2009. Now they have three more to add to the family with the youngest addition just a couple months old! We even got the cutest photo of the three little ones together- Logan with his newborn sister Emma and little cousin Sophie. It’s so fun watching families grow over the years and especially this one. We had a great time that afternoon at Wash Park. After all this crazy weather we’ve been having it was nice to have a day without the rain and apparently a lot of other folks thought the same as the park was definitely packed that day. Here’s just a few of my favorite images from our shoot. And of course what would a Wessler family picture be without the one of the guys posing for the best photo ever! Thank you to the entire Wessler clan- it was so good seeing everybody!

Kathy Sabine: Her Life Magazine Cover April

Back in February we had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Kathy Sabine! While I’m sure I don’t need to mention she is one of Denver’s favorite news personalities (and meteorologists) and works for 9News I did want to say that she is just as nice as you could imagine! It was so great meeting her and her family and getting the opportunity to photograph them for the April issue of Her Life Magazine. Since most of us know the tv side to Kathy Sabine we decided to focus on her family life- as a wife, a mother and lover of horses. The shoot took place in their home and property just a little out of town away from the city chaos. They have a beautiful home and we couldn’t have asked for a better day in February… although a little less wind might have been nice 🙂 If you haven’t had the chance to see the issue in print I’d highly recommend checking out the issue online to view her story which will be available for the next couple weeks at www.herlifemagazine.com/denver. Here are just a few favorites from our shoot that day- enjoy!

Kristie + Matt: Maternity Portraits Highlands Ranch

Do black & white maternity portraits of a guy half naked holding on to a half naked pregnant women against a black backdrop really inspire that many people to have maternity pictures taken? If you google maternity portraits chances are those type of pictures will be common among the top images presented. I don’t get it but to each his own right? Our take on maternity portraits is a little different. I think they should be fun and relaxed and we love utilizing people’s homes and the beautiful outdoors to capture such an exciting time in people’s lives. We’ve known Kristie and Matt for a couple years now. We photographed their wedding back in 2009 and quickly became friends. They know how to have fun and are two wonderful people to be around. When we heard Kristie was pregnant we were so happy for them! We know they will be the best parents any child could ask for. Kristie and Matt are having a little boy and have chosen the name Ethan (love the name). We had a great time taking a few maternity portraits for them at their home and then up at Daniels Park. The photos as the sunset turned out soooo awesome! Here’s a sneak peek from our session last week.

Mason Baby Portraits: Highlands Ranch

January has been a busy month for us- it’s hard to imagine that it’s already over and we’re now in February! A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting Nami & John and their two adorable boys, Mason & Tyler. Mason is a little under six months old and was all smiles almost the entire session! His big brother Tyler kept us entertained while we gave Mason a few breaks from the camera and made the day that much more fun. We had such a great time photographing their family and love the way the photos turned out! Everyone was so nice and so easy to work with. We’re really excited to get to work with them again later this summer when we take pictures of the whole family together. Can’t wait to work with them again!