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Downtown Golden Engagements: Jess + Brenden

Last weekend we met up with Jess and Brenden in Downtown Golden for their engagement session. We opted to start the pictures as late as possible that evening due to the heat and even then it was still around 100 degrees by the time we finished at sunset! They were such troopers though and we were able to get some amazing pictures. Brenden is one of my brother’s really good friends and was a groomsmen in his wedding this past fall- now it’s Brenden’s turn and he and Jess are getting married this September. We had such a great time with these two! They were so natural in front of the camera and have such chemistry together that our session ran a little longer than normal because I just couldn’t stop taking pictures- oops 🙂  Although in the end I’m glad we stayed out a little longer than planned which allowed us to get some awesome pictures of the beautiful sunset! We had a tough time deciding which photos to pick from there were so many we liked but here’s a few that we just had to share. This first picture was taken against a building that always reminds me of a setting you’d find in Mexico- I LOVE it! 

Cydney + Kiel: Golden Colorado Engagement Photography

This post has been in the works for over 20 some odd years! I’ve known Cydney before the internet and long before Facebook and now all these years later I can’t believe I’m photographing her wedding and her engagement photos! Cydney and I were next door neighbors as kids and friends for many years and I’m so excited that she has found Kiel to share her life with. Kiel really knows how to make Cydney laugh and makes her happy which you can’t ask for more. We met up with the two of them in Golden and being a wedding planner, Cydney had plenty of ideas for props to bring along for the shoot. We LOVE it when people want to incorporate something fun into the engagement session and balloons, bikes, and super cute puppies are always welcome 🙂 Got to give a little shout out to Cydney’s wedding planning company Stiletto Events. So many people think that hiring a wedding planner just adds to the cost of planning a wedding but a good planner not only can help keep costs down by focusing on the important things (ie. wedding photography) and reducing or cutting out needless expenses but they can also help keep your sanity when trying to plan one of the biggest days of your life! Make sure to check out Stiletto Events– Cydney is awesome!! Anyways, we had a great time in Golden- lots of laughs, a few mosquito bites, and some beautiful pictures! Here’s just a few we’re excited to share with you.

Coming Soon to the Blog

Here are a few more things we’ll be blogging in the next couple of weeks to watch out for.

The July Trendsetter for Her Life Magazine- loved getting to shoot outside in the great weather for this one:

Had so much fun photographing Cydney + Kiel’s Engagements in Downtown Golden this past week!:

Our awesome wedding this past weekend with Katie + Felix up at Mt Vernon Event Center in Golden:

The cover shoot for Mari with Suuthe- Mari is soooo nice and you have to check out their natural skin care products!: