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Dress to Thrill: Night to Thrill Fashion Show in Denver

You may remember Liz (our awesome model for the {Paperdoll} maison de mode shoot) a little while back. She is part of a new company called Dress to Thrill here in Denver whose goal is to promote fashion in the Denver area and connect people in the industry (models, photographers, designers etc). It’s a pretty cool idea and I was glad I got the opportunity to work with them for their fashion show, Night to Thrill about a week ago. The show was held at Tamarac Square which actually made a perfect venue considering all the available space. I was able to take some shots of the girls before the show started and then catch the runway as well. The designers featured that night included: {Paperdoll} maison de mode, Fashions by Rae Marie, Kimono Dragons, Lina Chen, & Amore Loves. There were also some cool local artists that contributed some of their work for display and purchase including Geniuz Ink who I worked with just a little while back. I had a great time being part of this! Here’s some of the shots I took that night. Enjoy! Thanks Liz and Richard for allowing me to photograph the event!

JNava + Geniuz Ink: Fashion Show Lavish Lounge Denver

I’ll always remember the first wedding I photographed and the excitement and nervousness I felt before, during and after the day was over. It’s almost four years later and after photographing countless weddings,┬áthat same feeling came over me when I prepared for photographing my first fashion show- excited & nervous all wrapped in one. Well there’s got to be a first time for everything and I have to say the JNava + Geniuz Ink Fashion Show couldn’t have been a better “first” for me. A few months back, through the power of Facebook & an old friend, I got reconnected with a high school buddy, Mark Nava. 10 years have gone by since we graduated from high school and who would have thought Mark and his brother Jason would have a clothing line and I’d be a photographer? The show was held at the Lavish Lounge in Denver and there was a great turnout for the event. It was great to work with Jason of JNava and to have had the opportunity to work with Julian of Geniuz Ink. Here’s a few images of the show including a few portraits beforehand of the models. I included one photo of my new photographer friend Ryan Olsen who also helped photograph the event. Make sure to click on the links to check out both JNava & Geniuz Ink’s clothing lines- they have some awesome stuff!