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Larkspur Family Portraits: The Leonard Family

It was an interesting start to the spring to say the least. The weather just couldn’t make up it’s mind which season it was! Last weekend things finally seemed to calm and the trees had enough leaves to actually look like spring- perfect timing for our session with the Leonard family down in Larkspur. Dawson Butte is one of our favorite locations- and the Leonards are one of our favorite families 🙂 It had been two years since we last photographed their family and their adorable kids Lexi and Reese have definitely grown since we last saw them! The craziest thing to think about is that this September will mark Jennifer & Nick’s 9 year wedding anniversary! Doesn’t really seem that long since we photographed their wedding but then again so much has changed that it also feels like forever 🙂 Like always we had a great time getting to photograph their family! We’re excited to share our favorites from the day- enjoy!

The Stengel Family: Larkspur

Happy 2016!!!! Can’t believe how fast the end of the year flew by and that we are now already in March. It’s been nice to take a little breather after such a busy fall and the rush of the holidays. Although the majority of our sessions make it to our blog, at times we don’t have the chance to share everything. So, before we start back up this spring we thought we’d share a few sessions from last year that we didn’t share at the time. Back in November we got to photograph the Stengel family down at Dawson Butte. Since our session was planned toward the end of the month they decided it would be great if we could find a location with snow for the pictures. We lucked out the week before and in some areas had a good foot or more to walk through that afternoon. It’s not too often we get to photograph in the snow so we’re really glad they were up for it! We had such a great time with all of them and it was fun getting to do something so different. Here’s a few of our favorites from their session- enjoy!

Volkel Family Portraits: Larkspur

Yes the name for this post is right- there are more Volkels out there. Okay actually these particular Volkels are related 🙂 Ever since my niece Hailey was born we’ve been wanting to get to photograph my brother and his family and this past weekend we got the chance! They made the drive down our way and we headed to Larkspur just before sunset. About halfway through we all learned that apparently Hailey LOVES rocking chairs. I think if we had let her she would have sat in that chair all day and all night. Which of course made for some adorable pictures of her since she was having the time of her life just rocking away. We made it to the open field right as the light created the most beautiful orange glow over the whole background- some of my favorites! So excited to share these photos with them and especially for the grandmas who have been waiting for these for a LOOOOOOOONG time 😉 

The Brandle Family: Evergreen Family Photography

Last weekend we met up with the Brandle family at Elk Meadow Park in Evergreen. It’s been years since we last photographed there and I forgot just how beautiful of a location it is especially near sunset! They have been friends of my brother and sister-in-law for years (Ryan even officiated my brother’s wedding back in 2011) so we were excited to get a chance to photograph their new little family 🙂 Their 8 month old little man Brooks is ADORABLE! How could you not smile with that face?! He did so well for the session and we loved that they wanted to incorporate his blocks that had been passed down from multiple generations. We even got a few with their cute pup and the whole family together. They definitely have a beautiful family and we had a great time getting to work with them that afternoon. Thanks Ryan and Emily for a fun session and here’s some of our favorites! 

The Kooi Family: Littleton Family Portraits

Two summers ago we got to photograph the Kooi Family and had the best time! Since that summer their family has grown and now they have three of the cutest and funniest kids- talk about loads of personality! We headed over to the gorgeous fields near South Platte Park and couldn’t believe our luck, NO mosquitos! Well at least until we actually stepped foot into the fields… I was a walking mine field after this session but it was worth it! The kids are all so funny and really liked “posing” for the camera. Kendall was hilarious with her hillbilly pose with the grass in her mouth and I found a cute little lady bug that Camryn held. Their little man Dylan was so cute and was making some hilarious little faces probably due to the fact that they found out after the session that he was cutting a tooth at the time but you’d never know based on how well he did! Here’s some of our favorites from the day including one quick shot we got right during the most beautiful sunset. 

The Kowalczik Family: Littleton Fall Family Session

It’s always an honor to get to take pictures of another photographer especially when your “subject” is as talented as Kim who owns Element One Photography in Littleton. She was actually a bridesmaid in Cydney + Kiel’s wedding back in 2011 (one of our favorite weddings ever!) and so we were very excited to get the chance to photograph her beautiful family the last week of October. We had the perfect combination of a super good looking family, a couple who really knows how to pose, and the most beautiful sunset light in my favorite season of all- fall! Basically it would be impossible not to get gorgeous pictures of these guys! And did I mention how cute their little man Jett is?! We met up with them at South Platte Park in Littleton and I’ve got to say it’s a new favorite spot after both our sessions there that week. Thank you guys for allowing us to capture your beautiful family- enjoy the sneak peek!

The Richens Family: Fall Portraits in Larkspur

It’s been a while since we’ve photographed the Richens family and their boys have definitely grown! Here’s a link to their first session over 4 years ago in 2010! We love getting together with these guys, there is always plenty of laughter to go around as well as making the kids do funny things and laughing at their amusement- particularly Mitchell’s “Gromit” smile (from Wallace and Gromit)- it’s adorable 🙂  We met up with them at Dawson Butte in Larkspur right when the fall leaves were at their best. I just love the combo of the field and forest you get there. Now that the kids are older I had some pretty in depth conversations with them about turning sticks into pretend weapons and about how cool Spider-Man really is (the parents are raising them right teaching them about superheroes and all)! Here’s some of our favorites!