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Denver Fashion: Editorial Style Photo Shoot with Alexis

About six months ago Michelle and I started writing down all these crazy ideas we had for photo shoots. We had so many of them that trying to keep track anymore was useless unless we actually wrote them down to go back to. One of the things we really wanted to do was tell a story through our images in an editorial like format. And, when we got connected with Alexis we knew she would be perfect for this role considering that besides being a talented model she’s also an actress…and photographer and… well basically surrounded in the arts. Our idea was to start the story with a light mood that changes with the entrance and exit of a door- and it’s up to the viewer to imagine what happened in between while we tell the story at the beginning and the end. We were very fortunate to have a wonderful makeup artist/hair stylist, Sarah, help us make the whole thing come together. The funny thing about it was that in our preparation for the shoot, Michelle and I were hoping that we might just have a little rain in between to add to the mood for the second half. And, as luck would have it right after we finished the first half of the shoot, it started to rain. It definitely added to the messy hair & makeup look we were going for and made for some cool reflection shots. We had so much fun with this idea and hope we’ll get a chance to work with Alexis and Sarah again because they were both awesome to work with! Here’s some of the images from the day. They are in order to get a sense of the story- enjoy!

JNava + Geniuz Ink: Fashion Show Lavish Lounge Denver

I’ll always remember the first wedding I photographed and the excitement and nervousness I felt before, during and after the day was over. It’s almost four years later and after photographing countless weddings, that same feeling came over me when I prepared for photographing my first fashion show- excited & nervous all wrapped in one. Well there’s got to be a first time for everything and I have to say the JNava + Geniuz Ink Fashion Show couldn’t have been a better “first” for me. A few months back, through the power of Facebook & an old friend, I got reconnected with a high school buddy, Mark Nava. 10 years have gone by since we graduated from high school and who would have thought Mark and his brother Jason would have a clothing line and I’d be a photographer? The show was held at the Lavish Lounge in Denver and there was a great turnout for the event. It was great to work with Jason of JNava and to have had the opportunity to work with Julian of Geniuz Ink. Here’s a few images of the show including a few portraits beforehand of the models. I included one photo of my new photographer friend Ryan Olsen who also helped photograph the event. Make sure to click on the links to check out both JNava & Geniuz Ink’s clothing lines- they have some awesome stuff!

Our New Look + Two Chicks Photography Photo Shoot

Welcome to our new blog!!!! It’s been a while in the making and we’re so excited to finally share our new look and blog with everyone! After much soul searching, praying and discussing our future in photography we’ve come to realize how much we love fashion & editorial photography in addition to the wedding & portrait work we’d been focusing on since starting our business in 2006. We’ve incorporated some of that into this new blog and  look so we hope you like it! We’ll be releasing our new look to our website soon so we’ll keep you posted on that. Here’s a link to our old blog www.volkelimage.blogspot.com if you’d like to check out previous work. So….. without further delay here’s our first post!

I’ve been DYING to share this for so long and am so glad to finally be able to! Back in the fall I had the opportunity to photograph two amazing photographers, Dawn Gioia of Dawn Gioia Photography, and Lindsey Turner of Lindsey Turner Photography for their new promo and website images. These two ladies have joined together to photograph destination weddings under the name Two Chicks Photography. They came to me with the idea of photographing the two of them on an open road and this is what we came up with. I have to say it feels pretty good to be asked to do something like this for other photographers- after all those of us in the business are a little more photo obsessed and critical than the average person. We had a great time photographing this session for the two of them. Check ’em out!