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Courtney: Modeling in Golden Colorado

I love getting to photograph model portfolios! Especially when the model is my cousin 🙂 It’s hard to imagine that my little cousin who was four foot something when Michelle and I got married is now almost as tall as me! Courtney has been interested in the whole fashion world for a few years now and has even done some designing too. She decided recently that she’d like to try to the whole modeling thing out and it was perfect for her to come to us to start a portfolio. We figured Golden was a good meeting place to get three different looks for our shoot and it turned out great. Her sister Laura (also my cousin) came along to do hair & makeup for the photos and she did awesome! We had a ton of fun and I think Courtney has a few images to begin a solid portfolio. I can’t decide if the black & white “Guess-inspired” pics are my favorite or the last ones we took at night in a small little garden with lighting to make it look like it was daytime. If you’re a model and want to start or update your portfolio contact us to set up a session- rates start at $400 for a half day shoot with 3 looks! Contact me at 303.912.8156 or dusty@volkelimage.com. Here’s some of my favorites from our day with Courtney & Laura.

Model: Courtney Volkel

Hair & Makeup: Laura Lavoie

Location: Downtown Golden, Colorado

Denver Fashion Photographers: Sassy Sisters Clothing

After staying indoors for the last couple of issues of Her Life Magazine’s Trendsetter we decided it was about time to enjoy the Colorado summer and head outside for the July fashion spread. We decided to be really relaxed with this particular shoot and chose an area not too far away from our house that we hadn’t been to for years with trees and tall grasses. Since it was still May when we shot these pictures we were fortunate to avoid the mosquitos as things had just finished greening up. Heather & Tiffany were absolutely perfect for this shoot! We had a great time with both of them- and of course with our very favorite Advertising Rep over at Her Life, Ronnie 🙂 We had a difficult time narrowing down our favorites from this shoot but here’s just a few we ended up with from our day.

Wardrobe: Sassy Sisters Clothing

Models: Heather Knapp + Tiffany Richards of Donna Baldwin Talent

Hair: Katie Walsh of Scarlet Salon

Makeup: Kitty Crimson of Scarlet Salon

Location: Littleton, Colorado

Her Life Magazine Denver: February 2011 Trendsetter

In addition to photographing the cover each month we also will be photographing the fashion story for Her Life Magazine. For the first issue we had the opportunity to work with a local boutique, Chic Couture, to feature some of their clothing. Since Denver was not covered in snow at the time we decided we’d try to shoot outside. Of course the temperature was supposed to be pretty warm that day but like many warm days here in the winter the wind always seems to bring down the temperature significantly. Our model Katie was so awesome though! She was such a trooper in the cold weather even though she was freezing. Everyone worked together to make this a great shoot and we’re so happy with the way it turned out. Thank you to Brittney and Erin for doing such a great job with hair & makeup and to Access World Talent for allowing us to work with Katie for the day. Here’s a few images that you’ll find in the magazine for the February 2011 Trendsetter  and a few other favorites- enjoy!

Wardrobe: Chic Couture

Model: Katie Etcheverry of Access World Talent

Hair: Brittney of La Tierra Salon & Spa

Makeup: Erin Grundemann of Copperfalls Salon & Spa

Location: Daniels Park, Colorado

VIP Photography Workshops: Headshots

I’m not exactly someone who was thrilled to go to school. Went to high school because I had to and the same with college. So when I jump at the chance to actually “learn” something that says a lot about me. Well, give me a chance to learn something photography related and I’m there! Back in September I heard about a small workshop that was put together by the folks at VIP Photography Workshops. The workshop was focusing on headshots- something I really haven’t done much of so I signed up. Mark Alison instructed the class and it was nice to learn a few new things. The class was a little different than I thought it was going to be. Rather than using flash for the indoor shoot we used continuous light and a bounce. For non photographers that may not sound that interesting but when it comes to lighting, the source matters. It was a fun learning experience and nice to walk away with a new way to use lighting. Here’s just a few pics I took from the workshop- not too bad for my first attempt. Thanks to Mark Alison for teaching the class and the girls from VIP Models who modeled for us that day.