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Heather + Peter: Denver Maternity Photography

Priscilla (one of the CUTEST puppies ever) is no longer going to be the baby when Heather + Peter welcome their new little one next month. After photographing their beautiful wedding in Mexico 3 years ago we were so happy to hear the news that they are becoming parents and we had a great time getting to capture some maternity photos for them last week. After our crazy weather the last couple months we were glad that at least the snow was gone by our session on Friday. We met the two of them in the Highlands neighborhood for the first half of the session before heading out to Sloan’s Lake for a few more pictures. It was our first time at these two locations and we can’t wait to go back! We even got a few in front of Little Man Ice Cream Shop- which if the ice cream tastes as good as it smells I think I’ll be making weekly trips to Denver in the summer just for ice cream 🙂 Definitely have to give them props for waiting to find out if they are having a boy or a girl. As the kid who shook every Christmas present and was first under the tree on Christmas morning with zero patience for waiting for surprises, I think it’s really cool that they are waiting to find out. The baby is going to be adorable either way! Here’s some of our favorites from the day- congrats Heather + Peter!!

Tammy + Greg: DU Maternity Portraits

I can’t believe it’s been over 6 years since we photographed Tammy + Greg’s wedding! It doesn’t really seem that long ago and we still remember how much we enjoyed getting to work with them back then. They had a beautiful wedding up at the YMCA in Granby (still one of our favorite wedding spots). Now their family has grown by one cute and energetic dog Franklin (who was hilarious and literally army crawled to photo bomb a picture that was supposed to be of just Tammy + Greg) and will be growing by one more family member later this month 🙂 . We met them at DU for their maternity session a week ago and it was so nice seeing them again! We had perfect weather for late October and by the looks of many of the trees and the green grass you would almost think fall had just started. We’ve had two weddings over the years at DU but this was the first time we had the chance to photograph a portrait session there and without the rush of a wedding day we had the time to explore the campus and find new locations we never knew existed. We are so grateful we got to see Tammy + Greg again and are so happy for them! They are going to be amazing parents and that little one is a very blessed baby! Here’s a sneak peek from our day!

Tara + Cody: Maternity Portraits in Golden

It’s been a couple years since we’ve made it up to Downtown Golden and when we suggested the area for Tara + Cody’s maternity session we were expecting the nice quiet little town it’s been in the past. Quite a surprise when we got up there and couldn’t even find a parking spot with the events going on that evening! Despite the crowds though it really is a cool town and we were still able to find some places away from all the people. Not to mention it gave us the opportunity to venture into new places including the train tracks. Cody + Tara are such a great couple and Tara looked absolutely beautiful! Even with the heat that afternoon we had a great time with these two- correction make that three! Big brother-to-be Quinton also came along for the session and is such a funny kid! The new baby is going to have one awesome big brother and some amazing parents! Here’s a sneak peek into our afternoon with them 🙂

Kristie + Matt: Maternity Portraits Highlands Ranch

Do black & white maternity portraits of a guy half naked holding on to a half naked pregnant women against a black backdrop really inspire that many people to have maternity pictures taken? If you google maternity portraits chances are those type of pictures will be common among the top images presented. I don’t get it but to each his own right? Our take on maternity portraits is a little different. I think they should be fun and relaxed and we love utilizing people’s homes and the beautiful outdoors to capture such an exciting time in people’s lives. We’ve known Kristie and Matt for a couple years now. We photographed their wedding back in 2009 and quickly became friends. They know how to have fun and are two wonderful people to be around. When we heard Kristie was pregnant we were so happy for them! We know they will be the best parents any child could ask for. Kristie and Matt are having a little boy and have chosen the name Ethan (love the name). We had a great time taking a few maternity portraits for them at their home and then up at Daniels Park. The photos as the sunset turned out soooo awesome! Here’s a sneak peek from our session last week.