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Miss Colorado USA: Blair Griffith

Our time working with Her Life Magazine couldn’t have ended on a better note than our shoot for their November Cover. We had the opportunity to meet and photograph not only the very beautiful but also extremely sweet Miss Colorado USA Blair Griffith. Our photo shoot was a couple months before she relinquished her crown to the next year’s pageant winner and needless to say it was pretty cool to work with her. Blair was one of the sweetest people we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! She’s just such a genuine person and her personality shines through her smile in every picture. We chose to meet up at Cherry Creek North for the photos. Unfortunately the weather was not really our friend that day but if it hadn’t been for the wind and rain we wouldn’t have found such a cool location indoors to take a few of the pics. We were photographing around the JW Marriott Cherry Creek when the weather turned on us and the awesome staff at Second Home Kitchen & Bar inside the hotel was kind enough to allow us to use their place for some really awesome pictures with a backdrop against a wall that changed colors. This shoot was definitely one of the highlights working with Her Life Magazine and while it was a bit sad to say goodbye to the magazine we felt the opportunity had run it’s course and we’re ready for other things. Blair thank you so much for your time and willingness to work with us!

Model: Blair Griffith Miss Colorado USA 2011

Location: Cherry Creek North & JW Marriott Cherry Creek

Hair: Katie Walsh of Scarlet Salon

Makeup: Kitty Crimson of Scarlet Salon

Anna Bé: Her Life Magazine October Trendsetter

I know I haven’t posted our September cover yet for Her Life Magazine and usually try to post them in order but since the 2011 wedding season just ended and the start of the 2012 wedding planning is underway I think it’s only appropriate to post our October Trendsetter for Anna Bé first. If you’re planning a 2012 summer wedding and not wanting to purchase a wedding dress “off the rack” now is the time to order your dress so what better time to show some awesome dresses to give you some inspiration. I LOVED the dresses we got to use for this photo shoot! No cliché wedding gowns you’ve seen hundreds of times on bride after bride. The idea behind the shoot was centered around the 1920’s with a modern spin. It was great to get to work with male models as well for this one to change things up. Other than our AWESOME models I have to say this shoot was one of my most challenging to date. I personally am happy with the end result of the images but nothing seemed to go right for this one the day of. You won’t typically hear me complain about photography (other than it is a LOT of work- I LOVE it anyway) but I think sometimes it’s okay to share that not everything goes smoothly every time and like most people’s jobs we have days that it just seems like our boss and the world are against us and this just happened to be one of those days. Everything from being told from the venue midway through the shoot that we weren’t allowed to use the fog machine, accidentally pulling a cord that brought one of my lights crashing down, rushing through the second half of the shoot due to some delays in getting ready, being told to keep my day job (as a firefighter) and some troubles working with the clients were all part of our day. I was definitely ready to hang up the camera for good after this one but I think in the end that the pictures turned out great (even if it’s just my opinion). Here’s some of my favorites- would love some feedback on this one!

Our AMAZING Models: Lauren Cisneros, Alex Emerson, Rachael Brink, & Jonny Blanciak all from Donna Baldwin Talent

Christen + Michael: Day 2 Lake Erie Beach

While I loved the photos we got the first day with Michael & Christen in downtown Erie, I LOVE the photos we got the second day when we headed out to Lake Erie. These definitely rank up there in my all time favorite images I’ve ever taken and will definitely be added to our website very soon! The day combined two of my very favorite things: natural lighting and photographing at the beach! Okay technically it’s not a beach in the ocean sense but Lake Erie is HUGE so between the wind, the sand, and the beautiful color of the water it definitely felt like we were at the ocean (minus a few degrees or so). We headed out about noon that day. Yep, cloudless sky and shooting at noon- that’s what comes from learning to photograph in Colorado with harsh sunlight year round. The first part of the session we treated much like an engagement/couple shoot. We took photos of the two of them having fun, walking along the beach and of course we had to include the world’s cutest puppy, Dolce! For the last part of our shoot we took inspiration from the Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Guess Ads… which by the way if anyone has any connections to said companies we have two gorgeous models and a very willing photographer who would be more than happy to work with them haha 🙂 The last several images were some of my very favorite of the whole trip. In fact, I think I’ve decided we need to move next to a beach somewhere- I could get used to shooting images like this everyday!! 

Her Life Magazine: Mrs Colorado + Soignee Elegant Attire

I’m a little behind in getting this post up with the start of our busy season but am finally getting caught up in blogging. This shoot goes back to March for the May fashion spread in Her Life Magazine. We had so much fun with this one- not only did we have some really cool clothes to work with but we also had the chance to photograph Janell Ames, Mrs Colorado 2011! What caught our eye about the clothes available at Soignee was the retro 20’s-40’s look of the clothing. The shop carries many other styles as well but these particular items matched perfect with the overall theme we were going for- a seamstress from the early/mid 1900’s. If you live in DTC area you have to check out this boutique! All the unique hats, purses, and props were all courtesy of the shop which made for a perfect setting for the shoot. The owner, Diane, is such a sweet lady and has some really great items available in her store. These photos are a few of my favorite images from the day including the ones you can find in the May issue.

Wardrobe: Soignee Elegant Attire

Model: Janell Ames– Mrs Colorado 2011 of Donna Baldwin Talent

Hair: Jessie Peterson + Ashley Principe of Scarlet Salon

Makeup: Kitty Crimson of Scarlet Salon

Location: Soignee Elegant Attire

Denver Fashion: Her Life Magazine April Trendsetter

One of my favorite things about working with Her Life Magazine each month is the opportunities it has provided us to expand our portfolio and do things we’ve never done before. April’s issue was very much a first for us. When we heard that the trendsetter would be featuring a local lingerie boutique, Chelsea of London, we weren’t exactly sure what to think considering that it’s not a subject we are used to photographing. After spending some time coming up with a theme for the shoot though we were confident it was going to turn out great and in the end I think we got some great images. Our idea was essentially a business woman getting ready or coming home from work pairing business casual attire with the lingerie from the boutique. The stuff from the boutique is definitely more high end so we wanted to make sure the images were sexy (but still tasteful) so we used more dramatic lighting to create the perfect atmosphere to achieve that look. We had a great time and really enjoyed working with Valerie & Candace from Donna Baldwin Talent. Thank you both so much for modeling for us! Also a big thank you to the Hotel Monaco for providing such an awesome room for our shoot!

Wardrobe: Chelsea of London

Models: Valerie Trujillo + Candace Wilson of Donna Baldwin Talent

Hair: Katie Walsh + Jessie Peterson of Scarlet Salon

Makeup: Kitty Crimson of Scarlet Salon

Location: Hotel Monaco

Her Life Magazine Denver: March Trendsetter

If you like dance, yoga or gymnastics you’ll love the march trendsetter for Her Life Magazine. The magazine featured Aerial Dance over Denver for this issue and our aerialist models, Megan & Michelle, made hanging from a trapeze and drapery look so easy (which I can say from trying is not at all easy). Not to mention they made it look so elegant at the same time. This shoot was a ton of fun for us. We had no idea there was anything like Aerial Dance over Denver around and to get to photograph them in awesome tutus and shirts provided by House of Arden and Creme de la Couture made it even better. We decided our theme for the shoot was going to be stage lighting. These ladies are performers so it only seemed fitting for the subject. Megan & Michelle did a great job posing for us and we love the way the pictures turned out! Check out the links below to see more about everyone involved in this project!

Wardrobe: House of Arden + Crème de la Couture

Aerialist Models: Megan Fahey + Michelle “Meesh” McGlone

Hair: Katie Walsh of Scarlet Salon

Makeup: Kitty Crimson of Scarlet Salon

Location: Aerial Dance over Denver

Her Life Magazine Denver: February 2011 Trendsetter

In addition to photographing the cover each month we also will be photographing the fashion story for Her Life Magazine. For the first issue we had the opportunity to work with a local boutique, Chic Couture, to feature some of their clothing. Since Denver was not covered in snow at the time we decided we’d try to shoot outside. Of course the temperature was supposed to be pretty warm that day but like many warm days here in the winter the wind always seems to bring down the temperature significantly. Our model Katie was so awesome though! She was such a trooper in the cold weather even though she was freezing. Everyone worked together to make this a great shoot and we’re so happy with the way it turned out. Thank you to Brittney and Erin for doing such a great job with hair & makeup and to Access World Talent for allowing us to work with Katie for the day. Here’s a few images that you’ll find in the magazine for the February 2011 Trendsetter  and a few other favorites- enjoy!

Wardrobe: Chic Couture

Model: Katie Etcheverry of Access World Talent

Hair: Brittney of La Tierra Salon & Spa

Makeup: Erin Grundemann of Copperfalls Salon & Spa

Location: Daniels Park, Colorado