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Heather + Jeff Wedding: D’Lightful Celebrations at Tail Skid Meadows

This particular post I (Michelle) am writing since I happen to have known Heather just a teeny tiny bit longer than Dusty (about twenty years or so). This wedding means a lot to us personally since Heather is my cousin. When we heard Heather had met someone we were so happy for her and when we heard they were getting married, well we knew this must be some guy! While I may be a tad biased I’m sure anyone who has ever met Heather knows what a special person she is and so we knew that whoever Heather would meet someday would have to be just as wonderful as she is. From the moment we met Jeff we knew she had found Mr Right 🙂 To see how much they love each other made this one of my favorite weddings we’ve ever photographed. We couldn’t be more happy for the two of them and are so glad we had the opportunity to be there to witness such an important day in their lives. The wedding was held at my aunt and uncle’s place just outside of Bellingham, Washington. They have a gorgeous location where they host weddings all summer- D’Lightful Celebrations at Tail Skid Meadows. It was so nice to see all the greenery this time of year- something I wish Colorado had more of but to make it green requires rain and lots of it! It rained almost our entire trip but on the wedding day shortly after arriving at the house the clouds parted and the weather was absolutely beautiful the rest of the day- we couldn’t have asked for more! With the property out in farm country of course they have a few cats who have made the place their home. One of them, Sam, decided he wanted to be the center of attention on more than one occasion and thought Heather’s dress looked pretty comfortable for a nap while we were taking pictures. During the reception a few of the girls from Heather’s dance studio, A Gift of Dance, surprised Heather with a short performance. I could probably write forever about how much we enjoyed getting to photograph their wedding and how nice it was to see lots of family but I’ll let the pictures (and LOTS of them) tell the rest of the story. We wish Heather and Jeff all the happiness in the world. God Bless!!!