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Aubrey + Cameron: Engagements at Chautauqua Park

Sometimes you just have everything fall into place- perfect couple, perfect location, perfect weather and just an overall awesome time. Our session with Aubrey + Cameron was just that! Not only are they the CUTEST couple and super sweet but they ride downhill mountain bikes, Cameron rides dirt bikes, and they are fellow “yeep” (aka Jeep) owners- this was a match made in photographer heaven (in case you didn’t know I also ride mountain bikes, dirt bikes, and we LOVE our Jeep). The day of our session was the first time we had the pleasure of meeting these two but had heard nothing but wonderful things about them from Cydney at Stiletto Events and we knew by our emails back and forth that we were really going to enjoy getting to work with them. I love that they brought along props to really personalize their pics. Of course that had to include Aubrey’s awesome pink bike which made for some really fun photos and the veil and crown was hilarious!! Aubrey + Cameron both went to CU so Boulder was the perfect location for their engagements. It was only the second time we’d been to Chautauqua Park but it was the first time we’d been there in the spring and it was GORGEOUS! We can’t wait for their wedding this August! Thank you Cydney for referring them to us and Heathyrre did a beautiful job (as always) with Aubrey’s makeup. Here’s a sneak peek from our session.

Kate + Bob Engagement: Boulder, Colorado

It’s funny how the weather always likes to do exactly opposite from what you want- you want snow and you get sun or you need sun and it snows. When we planned Kate & Bob’s engagement session for Boulder we were all hoping for a nice snow storm to come through right before for some snowy pictures at Chautauqua Park, but instead we got plenty of sun and warm weather… and mud. So rather than deal with mud  we decided to move the session to downtown Boulder instead. I love shooting in Boulder since I don’t get the chance to get up there all that often so it’s fun to find new places. We spent most of the session near the river and I love some of the pics we caught in the tall grass- who’d ever have thought we were in the city? Kate & Bob were such a pleasure to work with and we had a great time with the two of them. We look forward to shooting their wedding this June up in Vail. Thanks guys for a great afternoon!