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Sara + The Family: Family Portraits at Red Rocks

They say word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising. A bad experience can hurt a business and a good one can help it grow. For the most part since photographing our first wedding back in 2005 we’ve relied only on referrals from past clients to keep our business rolling. It’s something very important to us and when people spread our name to friends and family we are so beyond appreciative. Sara is one of those awesome people & we have a lot to be grateful to her for. Sara has been a bridesmaid in a few weddings. Actually a few isn’t the word- have you ever seen the movie 27 Dresses? Well, that’s kind of Sara. And, if you ever meet her you’ll know why- she’s such an awesome person that who wouldn’t want her as a bridesmaid? Hopefully one day we’ll get to photograph her wedding… on the beach in Hawaii:-) Until then, family pictures! We were really excited when she contacted us to take family pictures for them. Everyone was going to be in town over Mother’s Day so it was the perfect time to take them. Just like Sara the rest of the family was just as awesome. We had a great time with them up at Red Rocks. I love this time of year while things are still nice and green before the heat sets in. Here’s just a few of my favorites from the day- enjoy! And of course, can’t forget the cell phone shot- we have about 5 of these now.

Juliana - May 17, 2010 - 8:46 PM

Oops sorry thought that I was commenting on just the picture of Sara with her cell:) Dusty and Michelle the pictures turned out beautifully as always. I am sure Sara and company will love them:):)

Juliana - May 17, 2010 - 8:45 PM

LOVE it!!!

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