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Ashlyn + Tyler: Winter Engagements at Mount Falcon

It’s always interesting to hear couple’s stories of how the met and Ashlyn & Tyler’s connection to Colorado definitely had us wondering. Both are Texas natives, currently living across the country, but are getting married in the Colorado mountains despite family & friends living elsewhere. We were curious why they decided to plan the wedding here (besides the fact that it is a beautiful location to get married) but it made perfect sense seeing as they met here while on a ski trip with friends. Apparently they instantly clicked when they met and that chemistry was definitely obvious throughout our session with them up at Mt Falcon. I almost felt like we should have been paying them for modeling rather than them paying us! It’s plain to see they are a gorgeous couple but they were also so much fun to work with. Most of the snow from our recent storm had melted down here in town so we were expecting nothing more than a little mud and some snow on the grass. We got a bit of a shock to find just how much snow was still up there. I think each of us had at least a handful of close calls almost falling while we slipped through the slushy snow. They were so great about it though and I think in the end the pictures were definitely worth the slushy hike. We can’t wait to photograph their wedding this coming summer especially since Cydney will be planning it- we know it will be awesome!

Makeup: Heathyrre Kautz of Heathyrre Kautz Couture (she did a beautiful job like always with Ashlyn’s makeup for our session)

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