Monthly Archives: January 2011

VIP Photography Workshops: Headshots

I’m not exactly someone who was thrilled to go to school. Went to high school because I had to and the same with college. So when I jump at the chance to actually “learn” something that says a lot about me. Well, give me a chance to learn something photography related and I’m there! Back in September I heard about a small workshop that was put together by the folks at VIP Photography Workshops. The workshop was focusing on headshots- something I really haven’t done much of so I signed up. Mark Alison instructed the class and it was nice to learn a few new things. The class was a little different than I thought it was going to be. Rather than using flash for the indoor shoot we used continuous light and a bounce. For non photographers that may not sound that interesting but when it comes to lighting, the source matters. It was a fun learning experience and nice to walk away with a new way to use lighting. Here’s just a few pics I took from the workshop- not too bad for my first attempt. Thanks to Mark Alison for teaching the class and the girls from VIP Models who modeled for us that day.