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The Morrison Family: Portraits at Lakewood Heritage Center

It’s so much fun to see couples who go from being the bride & groom to being a mom & dad. Angel & Collin were one of our past couples who we actually met before they were even engaged when Collin’s sister, Melissa, got married in 2007. We then had the pleasure of photographing their wedding two years ago. So much can change in two years and Angel & Collin now have little Neale. And geez is he the cutest! Michelle couldn’t stop smiling while she was getting these photos ready to post- he’s adorable! They make such a beautiful family and we were so happy they contacted us to be able to work with them again. We took their pictures out at Lakewood’s Heritage Center last weekend and had a great time with them. Neale is 6 months old- perfect age for photos to get that toothless smile:-) Here’s a sneak peek.

Denver Fashion: Editorial Style Photo Shoot with Alexis

About six months ago Michelle and I started writing down all these crazy ideas we had for photo shoots. We had so many of them that trying to keep track anymore was useless unless we actually wrote them down to go back to. One of the things we really wanted to do was tell a story through our images in an editorial like format. And, when we got connected with Alexis we knew she would be perfect for this role considering that besides being a talented model she’s also an actress…and photographer and… well basically surrounded in the arts. Our idea was to start the story with a light mood that changes with the entrance and exit of a door- and it’s up to the viewer to imagine what happened in between while we tell the story at the beginning and the end. We were very fortunate to have a wonderful makeup artist/hair stylist, Sarah, help us make the whole thing come together. The funny thing about it was that in our preparation for the shoot, Michelle and I were hoping that we might just have a little rain in between to add to the mood for the second half. And, as luck would have it right after we finished the first half of the shoot, it started to rain. It definitely added to the messy hair & makeup look we were going for and made for some cool reflection shots. We had so much fun with this idea and hope we’ll get a chance to work with Alexis and Sarah again because they were both awesome to work with! Here’s some of the images from the day. They are in order to get a sense of the story- enjoy!

Katie + Sujan: Inverness Hotel Denver Wedding

I’ve been looking forward to Katie & Sujan’s wedding since Katie first contacted me a year ago and asked if we could photograph their big day. Katie & I have known one another since way back in high school- in fact we graduated 10 years ago together (geeze that makes me feel old)! It’s crazy to think about all that has changed in the last 10 years and it was so much fun to see some familiar faces at their wedding. Katie & Sujan were married at the Inverness Hotel the end of July and the weather couldn’t have been better. Although we ran into a bit of a snag with the timeline when the buttons on Katie’s dress decided to be uncooperative, the day turned out great and we walked away with some amazing pictures. Scott Stebner of Stebner Photography was able to join us for the day to second shoot for me. It was so much fun having him around- I think we may just have to borrow him for a few more weddings 🙂 I probably went a little overboard with all the pictures in this post but I just couldn’t help it. The details that went into the wedding were just beautiful! The night ended with everyone singing and dancing to Sinatra’s New York, New York- couldn’t have been more fitting for this New York couple. Here are some of my favorites shots from the day- gotta love the NY Mets baseball groom’s cake!  Thanks guys for allowing us to be a part of your big day and we might just have to take you up on the offer to visit you in New York sometime 🙂

Ceremony Music: A Music Plus

Reception DJ: Casey Smith of The DJ Guy (highly recommend him!)

Makeup: Tiffany McCray of Salon Misha, Hair: Misha Belfer of Salon Misha (highly recommend)

Cake: Elegant Bakery

Chair Rental: Chair Rental

Photo Credits Scott Stebner: Image 4, Image 12, Image 16, Image 23 & Image 26

Katie + Felix Engagement Session at Mount Falcon: Denver Engagement Photography

There are so many beautiful mountain type settings in Colorado to photograph so when Katie asked me what my favorite location was it was a bit difficult to narrow it down. However, one location that definitely stuck in my mind was Mount Falcon after photographing there with Traci & Jeff just a month prior. We decided that would be the place to go and I’m so glad we did! The sunset that night was just beautiful and we couldn’t have been in a more perfect location to capture it! Katie & Felix are such a blast to be around! In fact, this was probably one of my longest engagement sessions we’ve ever done. I could have shot all night if Michelle didn’t stop me. Katie was so excited for the session that it was impossible to not catch her smiling at Felix the entire time. We actually hiked for a little over 2 miles that night for their session- yep a 2 mile hike on an engagement session. And they didn’t complain one bit! The funny thing is that I don’t think we even realized how far it was until we were most of the way back and the sun was starting to set. We got some amazing pictures of these two and we can’t wait for their wedding next summer to take more! 

Family Pictures at Washington Park, Denver: The Mooney Family Portraits

This time of year I get so busy behind the camera taking photos and behind the computer editing that unfortunately my blog takes a bit of a backseat. I have so many photos I’m dying to share from the month of July so make sure to check back often in the next couple weeks for lots of pictures!

This session goes back all the way to the first weekend in July. We had a great time photographing some family pictures for our friends the Mooney Family. We’ve known these guys for several years back before David & Beverly were married (they were actually one of the first weddings we photographed back in 2006 when I was still shooting film). I’ve worked with David at Lockheed Martin since 2005 and it’s amazing how the years have flown by! About two years ago we took some family pictures for them when they just had Ethan so after Makayla was born it was time to update their family picture. She’s now at a good age where she can smile, sit on her own and go on the swings. The kids both did very well during our session and Ethan was definitely excited to go play on the playground as soon as we were done with all the “formal” pictures. We had such a great time taking these pictures and are so glad to have these guys as friends. Michelle and I were very honored when they asked us to be Makayla’s sponsors (similar to Godparents) back when she was baptized a few months back. Here’s a sneak peek from our day out at Washington Park.  I just had to share this one with Ethan and his camera. I wish I had started out that young…. looks like the new generation of competition is getting an early start!