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Jeneisa + Taylor: Sunset Engagement Session at Evergreen Lake

It’s kind of crazy to think that just 4 years ago we began our business without anyone knowing who we were. Things have changed over the years and now people are finding us through multiple resources that aren’t even connected to one another. Jeneisa & Taylor came our way through both Hanako & Eddie as well as Katy & Landon who are good friends, but she also knows Michelle’s sister, Melissa who has never met Hanako & Eddie or Katy & Landon. It’s kind of funny how the longer you’re in business the more connections you make and the more this world seems a little smaller. When we met Jeneisa & Taylor we instantly knew we were going to like these guys. They were thrilled to work with us and loved our style so we knew they would be a perfect fit! It always makes me feel good to know how much people appreciate what we do. Jeneisa & Taylor wanted to do something with more of an “outdoors” theme so Evergreen Lake was a great choice. It kind of seemed like we were going to just have a nice overcast evening which is always great for photos but as the sun began to set we got some beautiful sunset light reflecting off the water. I have to say that it was probably the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen up in Evergreen. Normally we would have been wrapping things up about the time the sun was setting but I just couldn’t resist and had to take a few more pictures while the light was just perfect- and some of these turned out to be my favorites of the day. This first picture is actually Michelle’s though and I love it! We had a wonderful time with these two and can’t wait to photograph their wedding at Arrowhead Golf Course in a few months! Oh and I can’t forget to mention our little “photo booth” session we did- hilarious! 

Dress to Thrill: Night to Thrill Fashion Show in Denver

You may remember Liz (our awesome model for the {Paperdoll} maison de mode shoot) a little while back. She is part of a new company called Dress to Thrill here in Denver whose goal is to promote fashion in the Denver area and connect people in the industry (models, photographers, designers etc). It’s a pretty cool idea and I was glad I got the opportunity to work with them for their fashion show, Night to Thrill about a week ago. The show was held at Tamarac Square which actually made a perfect venue considering all the available space. I was able to take some shots of the girls before the show started and then catch the runway as well. The designers featured that night included: {Paperdoll} maison de mode, Fashions by Rae Marie, Kimono Dragons, Lina Chen, & Amore Loves. There were also some cool local artists that contributed some of their work for display and purchase including Geniuz Ink who I worked with just a little while back. I had a great time being part of this! Here’s some of the shots I took that night. Enjoy! Thanks Liz and Richard for allowing me to photograph the event!

Kate + Bob: Wedding at Vail Interfaith Chapel + Sonnenalp Resort

Colorado summers are typically hot & sunny with afternoon thunderstorms so it’s pretty rare when the forecast calls for all day rain and dreary weather in the summer. Rain is usually a nice relief from the heat but when you plan a wedding it’s not something you hope for. When we left that Saturday morning on our way to Vail (in the pouring rain) for Kate & Bob’s wedding we had a plan to make sure we got some great pictures despite the bad weather. We brought some lighting equipment and planned to take pictures inside. However, when we made it up to Vail that morning the weather was anything but what they predicted. We had beautiful skies and although the clouds were coming in and out it held for a majority of the day until after we were almost through with pictures of Kate & Bob. It was perfect that they had a morning wedding- the rain held just in time for us to finish pictures before the start of the reception (indoors). It actually worked out perfect for the rain to start so we were able to capture a few pics with the two of them under an umbrella- which always makes a great prop for photos! Kate & Bob were married at the Vail Interfaith Chapel and held their reception at Ludwig’s Terrace at the Sonnenalp Resort. Kate’s family is Polish so it was very cool to hear peoples speaking in Polish (and Kate’s accent is awesome). Bob’s mom learned a little Polish to read a special message to the couple and Kate’s family during the toasts- to see how much that meant to Kate & her family was so beautiful. We had a wonderful time photographing their wedding and captured so many great images! Congrats guys!

Florist: Bride 🙂

DJ: A Music Plus

Makeup: Laura Anzalone, Hair: Inga Cox

Dress: local shop in Chicago (love the jacket!)

Cake: Mountain Flour

Richens Family Portraits: Red Rocks, Colorado

Every year we make a point to check out the concert/event schedule at Red Rocks to make sure we can get into the park without a problem and find a place to park to take photos. Of course we do that long before concerts are starting and so have nothing to worry about for our first few sessions. Then…. we forget to check again by the time summer rolls around and we schedule that next session drive up and realize- we forgot to check if there was a concert. You’d think we’d learn after 3 years but nope. Once again that happened this past week with the Richens Family for our family session with them up at Red Rocks. Fortunately we were able to get in contact with them and found a spot just down the road from the amphitheater for parking and to take pictures- away from all the concert goers.  I’ve known Asa for about 4 years now- remember the movie Dumb and Dumber, well that’s us when we get together. This was the first opportunity though that I had the chance to meet his wife and two boys. We had such a great time taking pictures with their family. I have to say it’s one of my favorite family sessions we’ve ever done. Little Mitchell (the youngest) was so good the entire time and the oldest Aiden was having so much fun playing with the tall grass and getting to swing around that he made it so easy to get awesome pictures of these two! Thanks Asa & Tiffany for allowing us to photograph your beautiful family! 

Traci + Jeff: Mt Falcon Engagement Session

The day after Stacey & Tim’s engagements in Golden we headed up to Evergreen for another new location with Traci & Jeff. Traci & Jeff had suggested Mt Falcon Park for their engagement session as they had been there before and really loved it.  After seeing a few images online we knew it was going to be a beautiful location for pictures. And, after being there I think we’ve found one of our new favorite locations and we’ll definitely have to make the drive up there for a nice walk just for fun every now and then. That afternoon we walked to a few really cool locations including an area that had been burned some twenty years back and is scattered with fallen trees. We then hiked up just a little ways to a view that was well worth the little walk to get there. We had a wonderful time with Traci & Jeff- they are such a nice couple! We’re very grateful to Christina & Ryan for sending them our way. We got so many great pictures with these two but here’s just a few from our day so check ’em out!

Stacey + Tim: Golden Colorado Engagement Photography

We always love trying new and different locations. When Stacey & Tim mentioned a location they had passed by in the mountains that had some old barns and structures we went searching for something closer to town that would have that same feel. And… we found the perfect place right in Golden. It had an old school house, old barns, and little gardens and was just a great place for a session- definitely a place I’m looking forward to photographing again. We met Stacey & Tim through Kristie & Matt (Stacey was one of Kristie’s bridesmaids). Kristie & Matt are such great people that we knew instantly that we were going to have a blast working with Stacey & Tim- and we did! Other than a little humidity that day-what the heck,  Colorado is not supposed to be humid- it was a great day and we got lots of beautiful photographs for these two including some pics near the little garden area since they have a garden of their own at home. We’re looking forward to their wedding in October!

Heather + Don Wedding at the Manor House: Ken Caryl Ranch

This year wedding season started a bit later than usual for us with our first wedding in May. And…. Heather & Don’s Wedding was a perfect start to the season! The two of them were married out at the Manor House in Ken Caryl Ranch. It was the first time we’ve photographed there and it’s a beautiful location. An early 1900’s mansion right at the foothills backing to a field which made for some awesome pictures after the wedding with the two of them in my favorite light- sunset! Of course being in Ken Caryl Ranch there is a bit of wildlife around the property as well. We saw an eagle, some deer, and lots of rabbits including one little guy who somehow got into the bride’s dressing room upstairs. Poor little thing was scared to death as we were trying to catch him but Don’s son in law caught the little guy and he seemed pretty content being held while I took some pictures. Heather & Don are just such nice people and we had a wonderful time photographing the day for them. It was such a pleasure working with you guys!

Florist: Beth Schmidt (Don’s sister in law- she did a fabulous job)

DJ: Rockcandy (the owner is awesome)

Makeup: Diane Bouhall, Hair: Robyn Coleman

Dress: USA Bride