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{Paperdoll} maison de mode: Red Rocks Fashion Photography

Oh the power of Facebook! I first “met” Laura Glisan of {Paperdoll} through mutual friends Mark & Jason Nava and Julian Donaldson (JNava & Geniuz Ink) via Facebook. I posted a message on my wall stating that we’d love to do more fashion projects and she responded to my post. I browsed through some images she had of her clothes to get an idea of what we could do and how we could make something different for them. She had a lot of indoor, urban style images so we went in the opposite direction and headed outdoors. We’d been playing with a few concepts over the last few months and thought Red Rocks would be the perfect location for this shoot- and I’m glad we did because it turned out awesome! We did run into a couple snags along the way in planning when a makeup artist was nowhere to be found. It was nuts- I swear every makeup artist in all of Denver was booked that day. Which I guess being the beginning of wedding season on a Saturday probably had a bit to do with it:-) In the end it all worked out great though. Laura’s friend, Giulia Isernia, ended up being able to help out with makeup and I don’t think it could have turned out any better- she did a wonderful job! As I said, it is the start to wedding season so there happened to be one wedding taking place at Red Rocks as well as a second wedding party who came by to take photos. We just had to get one shot with the guys surrounding our model Liz. Hmmm….. wonder what the bride thought of that? Oh and I can’t forget the baby owl that was hiding in a little crevice in one of the rocks- there’s something you don’t see everyday. A big thank you to Liz & Pat for modeling for us that day- you both did a great job. Definitely hope to work with both of you as well as Laura & Giulia again in the future- it was a blast!

Geniuz Ink: Art Meets Science Fashion Shoot Denver

The thing I love most about fashion photography is the opportunity for creativity. I think most photographers would agree with me that the reason they started with photography in the first place was the ability to produce art. Of course with weddings & portraits there is also the ability to create something timeless and capture people’s emotions and personality which is one of the reasons being a photographer is so rewarding. But it all starts and ends with art.

I had the opportunity to meet Julian at the JNava + Geniuz Ink Fashion Show in March. He’s such a great guy and an awesome clothing designer so I was glad we were able to work together again on this project for his clothing company Geniuz Ink. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy so his clothes are just my style. When he told me what he had imagined for the shoot I was immediately hooked and excited to be a part of it. The theme was art meets science. We used some various props painted white against a white backdrop to complete the look and I think it turned out awesome! I haven’t done too much studio work so this was really exciting to do something completely out of my comfort zone and brand new. We originally planned on renting some studio space but everywhere that we wanted to use was already booked or too small so we ended up back at our garage which turned out great. Julian will be updating his website with more of these images in a few weeks so make sure to check out for his full line available for purchase. This first image is Julian- the genius behind Geniuz Ink:-)

Sara + The Family: Family Portraits at Red Rocks

They say word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising. A bad experience can hurt a business and a good one can help it grow. For the most part since photographing our first wedding back in 2005 we’ve relied only on referrals from past clients to keep our business rolling. It’s something very important to us and when people spread our name to friends and family we are so beyond appreciative. Sara is one of those awesome people & we have a lot to be grateful to her for. Sara has been a bridesmaid in a few weddings. Actually a few isn’t the word- have you ever seen the movie 27 Dresses? Well, that’s kind of Sara. And, if you ever meet her you’ll know why- she’s such an awesome person that who wouldn’t want her as a bridesmaid? Hopefully one day we’ll get to photograph her wedding… on the beach in Hawaii:-) Until then, family pictures! We were really excited when she contacted us to take family pictures for them. Everyone was going to be in town over Mother’s Day so it was the perfect time to take them. Just like Sara the rest of the family was just as awesome. We had a great time with them up at Red Rocks. I love this time of year while things are still nice and green before the heat sets in. Here’s just a few of my favorites from the day- enjoy! And of course, can’t forget the cell phone shot- we have about 5 of these now.

Baby Mackenna: Newborn Portraits

It’s amazing how God brings people into your life. Who would have thought that when Michelle purchased my guitar 2 Christmas’s ago at a little shop in Parker (Allegro is awesome by the way) that the guy who helped her pick out my guitar would be married to the girl whose profile we just happened to come across on a local photography group’s site and meet just a few weeks later? And, now a year and a half has passed and they have a new addition to complete their family. Stephanie & Ted are two of the nicest people you will ever meet and we are so happy for the two of them! On April 5th, little Mackenna was born and we had the pleasure of taking some newborn photos for them when she was just a few weeks old. She is adorable… and all that hair!! It was our first time photographing a newborn session so we did a little research beforehand to make sure it was a comfortable environment for little Mackenna- they fed her shortly before, the room was nice and warm, and there was rock music playing in the background… huh? Okay well maybe most babies like soft lullabies but this little girl prefers rock instead, it was the funniest thing. Anyway, the session went well and we had a great time with the three of them. I even got to use my new lights since the clouds decided to hide the sunshine that afternoon. Here’s some of the pics we took. We wish Stephanie & Ted the best- God Bless!