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Senior Rock Star Tour 2010: Denver Senior High School Photography Like No Other

We’re baaaaaackkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep that’s right it’s that time a year again- time for senior portraits in Denver and who better than with the Senior Rock Star Tour? Last year we had such an amazing time with our two groups of high school seniors that we’ve decided to run the tour again this year. So, if you or someone you know will be a senior with the class of 2011 make sure to check out our website at to see all the details on this senior portrait experience unlike anything else in Denver, Colorado, the United States, or the WORLD!!! Why sit in a boring studio or work with one photographer when you can get pictures from 5 different studios and several locations all around the Denver area for a price comparable to what you’d get with the alternative? And, to be able to spend the day with friends and make new ones along the way… well that’s just a bonus. There are just 15 spots available for each date and they are starting to fill up so head on over to the website to sign up today. And of course because no post is complete without pictures here’s some of my favorite pics from last years seniors.

Heather + Don: Engagements + Family Session in Castlewood Canyon

Green trees, grass, and flowers- sounds like the perfect setting for pictures huh? What about trees in the winter, brown grass, and dead leaves? No? Well, I’d have to disagree:-) After 4 years of spending countless hours behind the lens I now see beauty in all four seasons Colorado has to offer. In fact, I think some locations actually have more to offer in seasons outside of the summer. One of those locations happens to be Castlewood Canyon. It just has a little something extra this time of year- color! Brown, yellow, orange, and yes even a little bit of green. So, when Heather & Don decided to take their engagements and family pictures out at Castlewood Canyon I thought it was perfect. The day was a little different than our typical engagement session. Since both Heather & Don have children that will be part of their new life together it only made sense for them to want to include the family. So, we went ahead and just scheduled a separate family session for the same day. This way they could still have some photos of just the two of them and some of the family as well. I have to say, and I’m sure Michelle will agree, that this was probably one of the easiest family sessions I’ve ever photographed. Sometimes it can be difficult to work with a lot of people but not these guys- everyone was so easy to work with! We had a great time not only with the family but also with the time we spent with just Heather & Don. In fact, I walked away with some of my new favorite pictures of all time- the ones with the sunflare will definitely be in my permanent portfolio! We are very excited for their wedding next month at the Manor House– check back for those pics after the wedding in May.

JNava + Geniuz Ink: Fashion Show Lavish Lounge Denver

I’ll always remember the first wedding I photographed and the excitement and nervousness I felt before, during and after the day was over. It’s almost four years later and after photographing countless weddings,¬†that same feeling came over me when I prepared for photographing my first fashion show- excited & nervous all wrapped in one. Well there’s got to be a first time for everything and I have to say the JNava + Geniuz Ink Fashion Show couldn’t have been a better “first” for me. A few months back, through the power of Facebook & an old friend, I got reconnected with a high school buddy, Mark Nava. 10 years have gone by since we graduated from high school and who would have thought Mark and his brother Jason would have a clothing line and I’d be a photographer? The show was held at the Lavish Lounge in Denver and there was a great turnout for the event. It was great to work with Jason of JNava and to have had the opportunity to work with Julian of Geniuz Ink. Here’s a few images of the show including a few portraits beforehand of the models. I included one photo of my new photographer friend Ryan Olsen who also helped photograph the event. Make sure to click on the links to check out both JNava & Geniuz Ink’s clothing lines- they have some awesome stuff!

Cody + One Light: Fitness Trainer Downtown Littleton

Other than simple on camera flash, my specialty for lighting these last few years has been limited to natural light from the sun. After all the sun is pretty good at creating some awesome light. ¬†After a few years of shooting weddings though and some in not the best lighting situations (ie dark indoor ceremony at a church or a reception hall) I’ve tried branching out. Of course as I research more about using different lighting techniques the more fun it is to experiment and I find more uses for it. Case in point: Cody and his muscles. For anyone wondering, the guy in these pictures is my brother Cody. If you couldn’t tell by the photos he is a personal trainer and spends a great deal of time in the gym. We decided it would be a fun idea to go out at night (in the freezing cold in the winter) and take these photos using a single light source- just to see what we could get. The cool thing about using a small light source as oppose to soft daylight is the shadows we could create which made it perfect for this particular situation. We had a lot of fun walking around downtown Littleton that night even though it was pretty cold. In case any of you ladies were wondering sorry but he is taken as you can see in the last picture- thanks Heather for coming along and helping out! Hmmmmm maybe I need to start working out.