Monthly Archives: March 2010

Kate + Bob Engagement: Boulder, Colorado

It’s funny how the weather always likes to do exactly opposite from what you want- you want snow and you get sun or you need sun and it snows. When we planned Kate & Bob’s engagement session for Boulder we were all hoping for a nice snow storm to come through right before for some snowy pictures at Chautauqua Park, but instead we got plenty of sun and warm weather… and mud. So rather than deal with mud  we decided to move the session to downtown Boulder instead. I love shooting in Boulder since I don’t get the chance to get up there all that often so it’s fun to find new places. We spent most of the session near the river and I love some of the pics we caught in the tall grass- who’d ever have thought we were in the city? Kate & Bob were such a pleasure to work with and we had a great time with the two of them. We look forward to shooting their wedding this June up in Vail. Thanks guys for a great afternoon!

Our New Look + Two Chicks Photography Photo Shoot

Welcome to our new blog!!!! It’s been a while in the making and we’re so excited to finally share our new look and blog with everyone! After much soul searching, praying and discussing our future in photography we’ve come to realize how much we love fashion & editorial photography in addition to the wedding & portrait work we’d been focusing on since starting our business in 2006. We’ve incorporated some of that into this new blog and  look so we hope you like it! We’ll be releasing our new look to our website soon so we’ll keep you posted on that. Here’s a link to our old blog if you’d like to check out previous work. So….. without further delay here’s our first post!

I’ve been DYING to share this for so long and am so glad to finally be able to! Back in the fall I had the opportunity to photograph two amazing photographers, Dawn Gioia of Dawn Gioia Photography, and Lindsey Turner of Lindsey Turner Photography for their new promo and website images. These two ladies have joined together to photograph destination weddings under the name Two Chicks Photography. They came to me with the idea of photographing the two of them on an open road and this is what we came up with. I have to say it feels pretty good to be asked to do something like this for other photographers- after all those of us in the business are a little more photo obsessed and critical than the average person. We had a great time photographing this session for the two of them. Check ’em out!